Good evening.

Our names are David and Caroline, and we’re from New Zealand and Malaysia. We like to move around, look at things, then report back on the things we’ve looked at. This blog is mostly a diary for our own amusement, but a few people who aren’t us occasionally like to read it too. That makes us feel nice.

I (David) do most of the writing, and Caroline takes most of the pictures and fixes my poor spelling and grammar. She also does things on our Facebook page and more recently our Instagram page.

I put this website together using a WordPress template and lots of tutorials. I originally wanted it to be called simply ‘eggbanana.com’, but some wonderful person out there is sitting on that domain name (bless them). Caroline is the banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) and I am the egg. It’s so racist. Caroline’s brother Julian drew the cute little egg and banana. (look, here’s a new one!)

In our travels we sometimes see animals; snakes or spiders or stray dogs or thick-legged chickens. Sometimes we eat things, like barbecued pork, or cake, or fried discs. Sometimes we couchsurf, sometimes we work as volunteers, and sometimes we sleep in tents. Sometimes we get tropical diseases, and sometimes we climb mountains full of leeches. Sometimes chickens are slaughtered in jungle rituals for our protection. Sometimes our legs are massaged by men on motorcycle taxis, sometimes we are required to find three kilograms of fish heads to make effective microorganisms, and sometimes we are whisked away on a busload of nuns. Once, I accidentally found myself participating in a religious ritual with chanting women in white. Another time we spent New Year’s Eve in a Rong House because we accidentally took a majorly wrong road.

We like to travel overland where possible, and this includes (but is not limited to) voyages by trainbusfootmotorcycle, boat, and more recently, bicycle. We’re probably going to be traveling for a while yet, so pull up a chair, grab a cool beverage, and enjoy our tales.

Lastly, you won’t find any ads or sponsored content on this site. I seriously cannot stand that shit.

And that’s it really. If you were looking for an ‘about’ page, we don’t really think you could have asked for more than this.

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