Renovation Series Part 7: The Family Room

We didn’t really know what this room was called, but the consensus seems to have settled at ‘family room’.  We originally called it the library, because it’s where a large portion of the books were.

As it stands, the family room is a void between the downstairs area and the bedrooms, and it is cavernous; the ceiling is about four metres from the floor. We threw around a couple of great ideas about what to do with this room: indoor rock climbing gym, medium-sized movie theatre, enormous fountain pouring down a crystal chandelier into a pool of Arowanas

Unfortunately we didn’t have the budget to create anything really cool, so we pretty much just painted it (like all the other upstairs rooms) and put down a new floor (like all the other upstairs rooms). We also removed the many long lengths of inexplicable wires, pulled out the old broken cupboards, and put in a couple of new lights.

Once the furniture was in the result was surprisingly good.

Low view

A rather confusing view from the top of the staircase


Family room aftershot

And the after shot, taken roughly from the same place

family room low angle

Gingerman has found himself a new slumbering chair.

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