Renovation Series Part 11: The 3rd Bedroom

This bedroom is a lot like the 2nd bedroom, in that they are both roughly the same size, both had the same problems, and are on either side of the shared bathroom. The shared bathroom was the biggest job in the house, and that will be in tomorrow’s final renovation post.

One quirk of this room was the addition of what Mr. Ng called a ‘fire escape.’ That meant that the middle grille was converted into a swinging door, which was of course then padlocked shut. Essentially, when the house is on fire we can now escape after hunting for the key, fumbling with the lock, and leaping one story into the alley below. Better to have broken legs than burnt ones. As far a functionality goes, the fire escape will probably be only used for people to service the air conditioning units, which are perched outside the window.

It does make me realise that when you’re padlocked into your house, you can’t escape very quickly if there’s an emergency.


Before. The door you can see leads to the shared bathroom of tomorrow’s post.


This is the same view as the photo above.

Bedroom three finished

Taa daa. The old bunk is restored, with a couple of brand new mattresses and bedding. When we leave, Julian will take the master bedroom and this will be used as a guest room.

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