Renovation Series Part 10: The 2nd Bedroom

This room, commonly known as ‘Julian’s room if he gets kicked out of the master bedroom because Caroline and David are around’, suffered from the same ailments as the other upstairs rooms: holes in the ceiling, not-fully-functional doors, gaps in the floor, and dodgy wardrobes. An additional feature of this room were the pictures – mostly cut out from magazines – which had been placed over every available inch of space by all three Chin children over the years.

For this room we bought a loft bed and a red wardrobe – both from Ikea. The loft bed was actually intended for bedroom three, but as we assembled it it became increasing clear that it wasn’t going to fit. So we pulled it apart and shifted construction to this room. Here it will remain until some brave soul decides to pull it down one day.

The air conditioning unit (see first photo) was too decrepit to salvage, so the unit from bedroom three was brought in here, and the unit from downstairs was put into bedroom three. Why the unnecessary step? No reason.

East side

North side

West side

South side

bedroom 2 complete

The finished view, with a few encroaching boxes.

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